Art Walk…Episode 3 – The Lounge Room (Part 1)

In my lounge room I’m building (slowly, slowly) a gallery wall, complete with lots of my favourite art pieces that I have collected since moving in 6 years ago.

The red glitter shoes photograph is one of my photos, printed as a box print from Still my favourite shoes, bought in London in 2007.

One of my favourite cities to travel to (and a place of fond memories) is Seattle. We loved the Pike Place Markets and I bought 2 ink and watercolour prints that show the signs above the market and post alley. Carried them back in my suitcase and bought some ikea frames for them. I always look up and remember my 2 trips to Seattle, and the amazing food at Pike Place Market!.

In Vancouver (on the same trip as when I bought the Seattle prints) I also brought the gorgeous red and black wild geese artwork, painted by Canadian artist Rick Beaver. Of course I had to buy it, as it was red and black (my favourite colour theme) and of course being a Beaver myself (such a groovy nickname).

The gorgeous paper butterflies were a gift my from one of my closest friends, who used to create and sell these at markets. Nowadays she runs a lovely homeware and stationery store in Kingscliff, Northern NSW. So lucky to have a beautifully crafted artwork from her!

And finally, my framed paper print of a red rose. A print of The Artist’s amazing oil painting. Check out more of his amazing oil paintings of flowers here. Such an amazing painter, so lucky to be my fiance!


I’m always on the lookout for more items to adorn the wall above my sofa, especially when travelling. I have a lovely cherry blossom artwork ready to be framed.

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