Art Walk…Episode 2 – Bedroom

There’s not much art in my bedroom it seems. I do have some of my framed drawings stacked behind the bed, but nowhere to display them as they are quite heavy… and trying to put hooks into my concrete walls isn’t always successful!

The purple abstract male figure, drawn with chalk pastels was a birthday gift from my best friend over ten years ago. Her and I are both quite creative and into art, photography, craft, interiors and fonts (as well as gossiping, shopping, beaching and movie quoting!). Currently this artwork has a frame of hooks over the top to hold some of my many necklaces.

The beach/moon scene was bought for $5.00 from a one-legged homeless man in Venice Beach, California in 2007. Strange? You bet. There were many homeless people in and around Venice Beach, some who seemed to hang out all day on the boardwalk and parks near the beach with their trolleys and belongings. This guy, who had lost a leg, used pieces of discarded wood he found to paint beach scenes and  then sell them (for literally $5.00 each). I ended up buying two artworks, but currently only have one on display. Makes for an interesting story!

I’d love to put an artwork above my bed… Maybe one of my artworks, or the Artists! (Ha, I can’t afford his originals…).


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