Art Walk… Episode 1 – Hallway

I’m slowly building the artworks I have on the walls at home and my lounge room has the start of a gallery wall above the sofa. Here are some of the artworks in my house!

Today’s episode: HALLWAY.

So I have this cute little hallway between my bedrooms and bathroom, with 4 narrow walls perfect for art. I’ve just updated what hangs here. At the moment I have these cute shoe prints in white frames from IKEA (prints and frames separate) and an optometrist-eye-test-inspired affirmation message from Target. Bought them on the same day, both under $20! Love them! I really want this ampersand print in black and white as well, but think I could print and make it myself? Choose a font? Too hard? Just spend $25 at target? Though, I think I saw these at Spotlight for ten dollars in red… should have bought the ampersand one then… not on their website anymore – Boo!

But that pink bird print is cute…


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