2015 To Do List

Look after my joints

Try to incorporate some daily yoga and stretches, either after waking up or before going to sleep. Now that I’ve attended quite a few body balance classes I can recreate these moves at home! I’ve been using pinterest for ideas….

yoga 1

Look after my cuticles

Just bought another container of Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream. Putting it in the handbag to rub into my cuticles daily, even 2 or 3 times a day!


Read actual print, especially before bed

I spent way to much of last year reading things online, especially just before sleep, staring at my phone in the dark. I saw about 6 books at the airport last week that I want to read and have got quite the collection of magazines piling up too, waiting to be perused. I want to go back to reading actual print, not screens, and will try to make the last 20 minutes or so before sleep ‘screen free’, reading a book or magazine instead.

lg-doubleCross liane zoe

Slow down the daily race

Over the January holidays I have so much time to slow down and appreciate the daily things, look after my health and reflect on the year past and the year ahead. Come the end of the month when I return to work things go hectic again and I feel like I never have enough hours in the day. This year I really want to keep the ‘slowness’ around, so I can continue to look after myself! I know it won’t be easy, and it will probably involve letting go of certain things and saying no more often. Will I be able to do that? Time will tell…

IMG_0028 IMG_0492

Keep focused on the little projects

Writing blogs, drawing, enjoying music, nature walks, baking, making photo collages, taking photos, reading… these are all my little projects that I love doing in my ‘spare’ time (which is when exactly?). This year I would like to try to keep doing one, some or all of these things every week, rather than putting them off until everything is done (because it’s never all done is it).

book pastels

Plan more activities

There are so many lovely places to see both in my hometown, afar and abroad. I just want to make sure 2015 is filled up with day trips, road trips, big trips, hikes, swims, markets, lunches, views, animals etc and not spent sleeping and hibernating! What’s next on my list!



 What are your 2015 ‘to do’ goals?


2 thoughts on “2015 To Do List

  1. I love your goal of focusing on the little projects. That’s really what makes daily life fun! Instead of watching tv (which is ok at times), do something more fun and mentally challenging! Great idea!

  2. TV can be great, but I hate when you get in that TV spiral where hours have past and you’ve just been slothing! I’m more an online girl than a TV girl, but everything in moderation!

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