Obessed with… Navy and Black Dresses

Obessed with... Navy and Black Dresses

I’m STILL in love with navy. I realised that I wore navy 3 days in a row over the weekend. Navy jeans and a navy and white heart print top on Friday, A navy and black brocade patterned dress on Saturday (with navy heels) and a navy skirt with a navy and white aztec print singlet on Sunday (with navy flip flops!). Phew, I could join the Navy, legit.

While looking for a dress to wear to a dinner on Saturday night I realised I have 3 dresses that are navy and black:

The brocade patterned one, textured black on thick navy fabric, perfect with a black belt under the chest,

A navy with black polka dots flared number, perfect with leggings or tights,

and a lighter navy chiffon dress with black detailing down the front around a split between the chest. This dress is halter neck and has a tasteful slit just under the collar bone.

I would never have thought that such an odd combination could work so well!


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