Things I’ve learned … being sunburnt

1. You will guarantee to be burnt in Australian Summer in under 15 minutes if you don’t put on sunscreen. Unlike the gentle European sun, our rays are unforgiving!

2. Getting your face burnt as a teen leads to pigmentation and spots in your late 20s and 30s. This will be more annoying and disturbing than actual wrinkles, which is what you worry about happening to you when you are a teen. I wish someone had warned me about pigmentation – not wrinkles!

3. Burning the stomach area is super painful. I learnt this the hard way one Christmas Day and couldn’t walk, sit, breath, laugh, sleep without excruciating pain. Note to self, your young sporty cousins who live at the beach probably get their stomach out to the sun a lot more than your once-a-year-christmas-day-exposure of your pearly white belly. Just because they don’t put on sunscreen doesn’t mean you don’t!

4. There is something satisfying about tan lines. Sure they look rather ridiculous but its nice to notice you have got a tan. Though these days tanning is best done through a bottle or sprayed at the Salon. Which I love for those extra whitey bits (like the belly!) but my naturally tanned arms and legs can look extra dark!

5. When you have a great all over tan (such as one sprayed on) you just want to be nude. Or as close to nude as possible! Its true, skin looks slimmer with a tan, but please fake it!

6. I have been blessed with slow release tanning skin. If I do get  a natural tan, especially on arms and legs, my melanin hangs around for months, after a summer in Europe I think my tan stayed for almost a year!


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