Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Liking: Gherkin Dip (who knew! I don’t like gherkins but in dip form… yum!) Warm winter scarves, Sleep ins in flannelette sheets, Reddish brown hair (no greys please), Peckish Thins crackers (to dip into in aforementioned gherkin dip)

Loathing: Eating too much dip and crackers and therefore not losing any weight, Aldi supermarket not selling Peckish Thins, Waking up at 7.30am on ‘Sleep in Sunday’, Going to a fancy bar/hotel and having out of control children running around – hitting your table as they go past and throwing shoes – please people! This is a bar, not a playground!

Noticing: The teacher in you will not hesitate to discipline ‘other people’s children’ who are running around bars while their parents ignore them and sip mimosas. You will always grow one grey hair in your right temple who seems to miss the hair dye every time. You will be fooled into thinking sunny days will be warmish, until the ice-like, Winterfell wind hits you.




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