Dictionary aficionados love inventing new words… and procrastibaking is a perfect example of a common behaviour getting its own definition.

I love procrastibaking, the art of busying oneself in the kitchen to avoid more undesirable tasks. In my current case – report writing. I think I am procrastiblogging now too, as I write this post instead of report writing!

Anyway, here are some snaps of my recent kitchen kapers.

Potato, Leek and Ham Tortilla (or frittata, or pie, or quiche, I mean what’s the difference?)


I’ve never really cooked with leek before, so this was something new… peppery onion smell when raw, but couldn’t really taste it in the tortilla. Leek strength aside, this was a tasty meal and perfect for work lunch for the next three days.

2 black bananas called for some banana loaf. Instead of throwing rolled oats through it and on top I used some oaty muesli that really isn’t cutting it as muesli (well ever since I discovered the Aldi toasted muesli with berry clusters). Yummo!



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