7 Day Holiday Packing

Tomorrow I leave for a 7 day holiday to Western Australia. The primary reason for going is to attend a friend’s wedding, but I have decided to make a bit of a holiday of it, seeing I have never visited that region of Australia before.
The forecast for the cities of Perth and Busselton for the next week are warm days up to 28 degrees, with cool nights getting down to 14 degrees. Quite a range, and a bit of a packing challenge.
Obviously the first thing I needed to sort out was my wedding day outfit, which was easy as I had bought a new dress from City Chic deliberately for the wedding, a purple base with a hummingbird pattern. It’s gorgeous! Once I worked out shoes and accessories for that outfit, I turned my attention to the rest of my packing.
I always like working around a colour theme so I know that everything will coordinate whilst travelling, all tops go with all bottoms, and all accessories match too. As my wedding day dress is purple I decided to go with purple shades paired with neutrals, mainly black and white.
7 Day Holiday Packing
I took 5 bottoms: purple coloured jeans, loose fit black and white patterned pants, a denim skirt, black and white ikat shorts and a black and white striped skirt.
I took 4 long sleeved tops: A 3/4 sleeve black blazer (as my wedding day coverup), a purple long sleeved knit top, a black cotton cardigan (not pictured) and a beige with fluoro flecked bejewelled sweater. I haven’t worn this sweater yet as I bought it at Nordstrom Rack last October and it hasn’t been cool enough in Australia yet to wear it. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but it’s gorgeous on!
I took 5 short sleeved tops: A black sheer short sleeved blouse, 2 purple cotton tops,  a black tank with lace detail and a striped tank. I threw in 2 extra black tanks for layering and pj wearing.
I took the wedding day dress and also a monochromatic print dress, that can be worn with leggings (not pictured) and the blazer if it gets cool. I threw in my purple scarf too.
For shoes I am taking flip flops, flats, converse and wedges. Wedges for the wedding outfit of course, and the cons for big walking days or any bush walks.
I aim to have heaps of different clothing combinations from the 17 items I packed. I tried some pairing using polyvore, looks like I’ll be set!

Skirt Pairings for Warm Days

7 Day Holiday - Skirts (warm)


Skirt Pairings for Cool Nights

7 Day Holiday - Skirts (cold)


Dresses Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Dresses


Long Pant Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Pants (long)


Short Pant Pairings

7 Day Holiday - Pants (short)



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