Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials

These are the things I am liking at the moment (Cue Carrie Bradshaw ‘me likey!’)

Cute summer sandals from Target. $20 yes please!

‘Unicorns are so lame. said nobody ever.’ notebook from Typo. Seriously Typo? So cute I spend all my money.

A Snow of Ice and Fire 7 book sets. Come to mama.

Two pairs of patterned sunnies from Crossroads. $10 each. That’s why I bought two of course.

Batiste! How did I survive before I met you?!

Euphoria by CK, gifted 2 years in a row.

Natio BB cream. Pretty much all I need on my dial before heading beach side.

W7 Saucy Strawberry lip balm tin. Love this glamour edition tin too.

Kmart rose bud earrings. I like have them in 7 colours.

Wet n Wild Fergie ‘Hollywood Walk of fame’ nail polish of mini stars. Stars for fox sake, talk about cute!


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