How To Pack for 31 Days Away

What do you pack for a 31 day holiday? When you are traversing two continents? When you will encounter temperatures from 7 degrees to 37 degrees celcius, with snow and extreme humidity? When you will do 7 flights (9 if you lose your passport)? When you will be sunbaking, hiking, shopping, dining out, going to the theatre, visiting temples, attending conventions, trekking through jungles, walking on glaciers? When you can only take a backpack (as stated by the tour company)?

Gosh if there was such a simple answer. I feel I’m getting pretty good at packing for overseas trips now. Tip No. 1 – Check the forecast and climate details of your locations. I needed a thick warm jumper for the Canadian rockies, but also need soft light cotton dresses for South East Asia. I was covering all weather, all seasons and due to my tour company on the second half of the trip, could only take a backpack (much prefer a suitcase).

So I was limited in what I could take, for sure. And also wanted to do as much shopping as possible! Tip No. 2 – Sometimes it pays to send a box of goodies home through the post rather than paying exorbitant airline fees for extra bags. Especially if you are away for a number of weeks and don’t want to carry stuff around.

In terms of packing clothes, I chose the colour pink as my accent colour to go with a range of neutrals – black, white, grey and denim.

I took a grey knitted jumper, a black long sleeved top and a hot pink cardigan.


For tops I took two black and white print tees, a dark pink singlet/tank top with a love heart in studs, a black textured singlet/tank, a plain black and a plain pink tank/singlet. I took a silky sleeveless blouse with a pink leopard print pattern.  


For Bottoms I took a pair of dark denim shorts, dark denim jeans, black jeans, black leggings, a denim skirt and a pair of peacock feather patterned pants.


I took my warm purple parka, a black cotton dress and a maroon and black patterned dress.


I was lucky enough to stow the parka and one pair of jeans in my boyfriend’s bag after the first 2 weeks, before travelling to Asia as he was heading home early. Made some more room for shopping!

Accessories and Shoes – I took some black thongs/flip flops, pink patterned flats and sneakers. My first task was to buy a pair of converse in the USA, which I did. If not I may have taken an extra pair of walking shoes. I also bought 2 pairs of flats too. The clutch bag was used to store jewellery in it in my bag, then doubled as a handbag for dinners out. I took one scarf for sarong/wrap/scarf/blanket purposes. Bought lots more in Asia too.


IMG_2271 IMG_2848 IMG_4344 havaianas-top-flip-flops-black-pic34377


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