Colour Fest Day 4 and 5: Poppy Red

Easy. Smashed it. Loved it! Poppy red is seriously one of my fave colours, well any red really. It’s strange how I have so many red items, but they are all different reds – tomato, cherry, blood, poppy, deep, rich, warm, cool, etc, etc, etc…

Yesterday I wore dark denim jeans, red shoes with gold sequins, a red and navy blouse and red and blue accessories. Took my red puffa jacket but it was so warm I didn’t need it!

Today I wore a red skirt, a black blouse with red, yellow and blue love hearts on it, black stockings and boots, and a red scarf. Red and black have always been a winning combination for me, it was the dress theme for my 21st after all!

My kitchen is now fully renovated, with lots of funky red things, like a red kettle and toaster. Loving it! Check out the images below!



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