Fed up with lounging around town each Sunday and not making any plans, I cracked a mini dummy spit and told The Artist that we needed to pick up our A Game. As is Activities Game. We live in a fantastic city! I cried. The weather is awesome! I wailed. No more wasting the day or not making any decisions. I wrote a list of different things I would like to do on a weekend, so now I’ll set about to check them off. The Artist eyed me warily, unsure how he felt about my new found zeal. I think he’s hoping I’ll lose interest in the idea. Relax, I told him, I’ll engage in the foody and shopping activities with someone else!

So last Sunday we headed out on a glorious Autumn (can’t let go of summer yet) day to visit the Art Gallery of NSW and walk around the Botanical Gardens. Tick!


Views from the apartment                                                     St Mary’s Cathedral


Centrepoint Tower                                                      Art Gallery of NSW


Von Guerard                                                  Strolling in the Botanical Gardens


Andrew ‘Boy’ Charleton Pool                                          Amazing trees in the Gardens

I’m already planning this weekends Activities!


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