Packing For Tasmania

I feel I am getting packing down to an art. I maximise space, roll roll roll those clothes and cleverly downsize toiletries, jewellery and shoes. For a 6 night ‘outdoorsy’ holiday, it’s less bar hopping and shopping and more lake liking and hiking.

Still trying to look cutesy and coordinated though!

Here’s the packing haul:


When I travel I try to work around a colour scheme, so that all basics and accessories will match. For this trip I’ve gone with basic black and white with red and yellow.

Bottoms: Jeans, denim shorts, black cotton cargos, leggings, board shorts, denim skirt.

Tops: black singlets, yellow singlet, red singlet. Neon yellow zebra top, black patterned top, red long sleeved tee, yellow tee

For warmth: black sweater with red lips, black and yellow striped jumper, black love heart jacket.

Dresses: Butterfly multicoloured with sleeves, cotton spaghetti strapped in striped and red.

Shoes: Thongs, sneakers (for the day walks), cute flats and red kitten heels for dinners out.

Bags: Love my red Benneton suitcase, though it is a tight fit! Taking my gorgeous peach round picnic set and a striped bag for a handbag. Also taking a boring Reebok backpack (also for day trips), not pictured here.

And on my to do list:

Pick my own berries!                                               Check out the MONA

Swing high above the trees!                                        Marvel at nature!

See you when I get back!


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