More Time Please

If I had more time, these are the things I would like to do more often:

Draw / Paint

Tinkle on my electronic keyboard (or actually learn to play properly)

Write (emails, blog posts, column ideas)

Read (novels, magazines, professional journals

Curl my hair

Garden (besides  just watering the floundering pots on my verandah)

Play trivia


In the holidays I always try to do more of these, with varying degrees of success. Has anyone actually seen my keyboard? (oh there it is, under the pile of clothes!)

Last night I found time to bake! It was either that or throw out the old looking bananas and strawberries…

Here is my attempt at strawberry muffins:

Had some butter issues… didn’t rise as nice as I’d hoped. And I should have chopped the strawberries smaller.

But my Banana oat bread was a hit!


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