Mini Break

Sunny Queensland is calling for a mini break!

5 days here…

Staying here…

Oaks Calypso Plaza Resort, Coolangatta, Australia

For one of these!

So what did I pack?

Note the absence of black, pink and purple, my usual travel colour scheme!

Wedding outfit: Cobalt Blue Jacket, aqua-blue-lime silk strapless dress, nude wedges, nude clutch

Tops: white, cream and striped singlets, green tee, orange tee, white blouse with owl print, beige cardigan, cream cardigan

Bottoms: denim skirt, denim shorts, navy leggings, maroon leggings, black pants

Extras: aqua scarf, navy horse print dress, orange heels, navy thongs, black flats, striped flats, neon printed swimmers (here’s hoping its warm!)

And here’s hoping for some of these!

Toblerones. Mine and The Artist’s favourite.

Hope you are having a lovely week and weekend to come, I know I will be!


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