Flailing. And Failing!

I need to apologise. Another week past, and no outfit polyvore designs or accessories updates. Losing my head a bit and therefore my ability to accessorise suffers.

Evidence of Poor Accessory-itis

1) I wore the nude flats again. Rule breaker!

2) I picked a ring to wear to match my nails. Half way to work decided it didn’t match well enough so left it in the car.

3) Wore sneakers for 2 days… with NO ACCESSORIES. I know, I can’t bring myself to look at myself either.

4) BROKE my everyday watch. And it was the only thing I wore on the aforementioned no accessories days. Clearly my punishment.

5) Bought leggings, a top and underwear in protest for not being able to buy shoes and accessories. Fail I know.

Promise to lift my A Game!  (As in Accessories Game of course!)

Some things I did wear this week are…


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