30 Days of Accessories Challenge – Day 11

I always feel like an air stewardess when I wear silk scarves.  They always seem so glamorous, with their polished clothes, perfect hair and make up. It always makes you feel a little less glamorous too, when you wake bleary eyed from a 12 hour flight with eye goo and bad breath to the smiling, coiffed hair and sparkling face of a air stewardess. At that point even the stewards look better than me.

I love this scarf, bought in Vietnam but I didn’t really get the tying right all day, and it continued to slip around and slip off. You know, being silk and all.

Better go and watch some of those scarf tying videos again!

And in other fashion outfit news… ribbon watches seem like a good idea, but they are terrible to tie up and get the right tightness. Then when you do get the right tightness, it just loosens all day until you are so fed up you just take it off. True story.

I wonder if there are any ribbon watch tying videos on youtube?


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