30 Days of Accessories Challenge – Day 8

This challenge is seemingly easy by the fact that I am spoilt for choice. Which I was well aware of; one doesn’t own over 150 pairs of earrings and ‘have nothing to wear’.

I guess the purpose of this challenge is to ensure that I utilise all of my fabulous accessories, instead of grabbing the same earrings, shoes and scarf every day.

There are some days (work days, slept in days, hungover days, bad mood days) where, unbelievably, I will leave the house without any jewellery on. I know, blasphemous.

Hopefully this challenge helps me uncover some hidden gems. And maybe some truly hidden gems, like my favourite garnet earrings that are missing. Where art thou?

Today’s outfit has some hidden gems, Sboots I bought for ten quid from a leather shop on The Strand in London, and a set of jewellery I wore as a bridesmaid for one of my besties in 2006, a gift from the bride!


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