Packing for Melbourne

A six day trip in Melbourne, where the forecast is for a maximum of 11 degrees (positively balmy) requires some stealth packing. This is not one of those ‘I’m just taking carry on’ packing related posts.

I probably packed more than I needed, but I wasn’t taking any chances with the weather as often I pack too little and are not prepared for the cold! Plus I foresee layering, layering, layering… which means you wear the fashion equivalent of two outfits.

So here’s the packing haul…

And the details:

2 boots, 1 pair of flats (I may regret taking 2 boots, but it is the 30 days of accessories challenge!)

black jeans, blue jeans, 3 pairs of leggings

2 scarves, 1 beanie, 1 pair of gloves

3 singlets, 1 short sleeved blouse (horse print!), 1 purple fancy top

3 jumpers (maroon, purple, fuchsia)

1 black ribbed and 1 blue knitted cardigan

I black padded jacket, 1 black and fuchsia patterned coat

3 patterned dresses (with hues of blues, maroons, purples)

2 black long sleeved tops, one with a white star print

That seems like a lot for six days. But I never know whether I’ll need one outfit a day that carries from day to night, or a separate outfit for night time.That dude Murphy will always throw the opposite at you too.

I wanted to have room in my bag for shopping!

Hmmm… May need to borrow some of The Artist’s bag space for purchases…


5 thoughts on “Packing for Melbourne

  1. Boots, longsleeved t-shirts/tops and big warm cardigans and jumpers…scarves, thick socks, tights, a hat, gloves and a good coat. That’s what we have been living in down this way! Enjoy the city, ignore the cold. 🙂

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