Maybe a little addicted?

So the chain stores are having MASSIVE sales right now. Apparently it’s to do with too much stock = GFC = insane deals.

I can’t help it, I’m a bargain hunter at heart!  I see sales signs and I’m drawn in. I think I need an intervention… Then again, I only spent $106 for all the goodies below, and a pair of ‘jeggings’ that I forgot to picture!

First I visited Cotton On, who had some crazy deals, like 3 scarves for $10! Yes I need 3 more obviously. And 3 items of jewellery for $10. I bought 3 packs of multi earrings, hearts, stars and gems, so 24 pairs for $10!

And I needed new leggings, so snapped up a deal – 2 for $20 (yes does seems a bit exxy compared to 3 scarves for $10!).

As I left the store I thought OK get out of the shopping centre, you are done!

Ooh, Crossroads sale from $5!  I’ll just have a peek…

Red and Black heart print top – $5!

Black feather pattern dress – $5!

Gorgeous sailor like cute 50’s red and black dress – $28

And was just about done, then saw my favourite jeggings that I own in black, in blue!  Most expensive purchase of the day at $39.95. (Soon to be released in colours!  Eek!)

Pretty good loot I thought!

Hello I’m Justine and I’m a shopoholic. But a cheap one at that!


2 thoughts on “Maybe a little addicted?

  1. Oh man I know! The sales are KILLING me, especially seeing as I’m not meant to be shopping at the moment! My inner bargain-hunter is crying at all the lost opportunities haha 🙂

    Life Etc

    • I know, you are so game going on a shopping hiatus at the moment! Thought of you in Cotton On esp with the scarves 3 for $10! Aussie bloggers understand the lures of shops like CO! I kept having to clarify things with the shop ladies – are ALL theses scarves part of the 3 for $10 deal?

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