Hits and Misses

I hate those days when you leave the house looking fabulous, or thinking you look fab, with a coordinated outfit, good hair and properly applied make up… but then spy your reflection throughout the day and think Whoa! Who is that scruffy, unkempt, overweight mule and what was thinking as she got dressed?

Today was a bit like that. Ok a lot like that. I have one of those eternally fabulous flattering bathroom mirrors, where you never look bad. Seriously.  I may need to install some more ‘real world’ mirrors. Or do I enjoy living in my subdued lighting, soft filtering bathroom mirror aura?

I was channeling these colour combos today, and thought I had pulled off a great look.

Here’s a general overview of my look today…


But by this evening’s function I felt frumpy, with my hair drooping and my skin dry and blotchy. Various reflective surfaces confirmed this. Urgh. Was happy to go home and get into PJs, hibernating with a bowl of Laksa and laughing in front of Big Bang Theory.

What was weird was that I love wearing bright colours and outfits, but tonight amongst staff from my field in more senior positions, I felt unprofessional and scatty in my blues and greens, with my jolly scarf and green fingernails. Ulta3 Mojito shade if you’re wondering. I found myself longing for my sleek black or pinstriped blazer, pencil skirt and subdued palette of scarves, tops, leggings. (I can picture The Artist wrinkling his nose at that outfit!)

This completely contradicts what The Almighty Zoe Foster wrote today about how bright clothing and makeup is such a mood lifter. Which I agree with. But sometimes I feel if I look bright and a bit out there, I receive more attention which can make me feel sub conscious or out of place; like today. Was it that I went too bright? (Hard, I know as bright colours and jewel tones are so in right now… coloured jeans, I’m talking to you too.)

Maybe I would feel equally as pepped up by just a swipe of bright lippie or just a bright scarf or bangle?  Or do I say, sod it, I love colour and I’m going to embrace it? Yes, that needs to be my attitude… which is easier said than done when you are clearly NOT having a good hair day (prob should have washed it last night) and you feel a little bloated and PMSsy, or are having a fat day, or have a big pimple!

Tomorrow’s clothes? Well I am going to rock my pencil skirt and ankle boots in a muted beige grey, but have some black and red tie-dyed stockings to really put some pow in my step!





3 thoughts on “Hits and Misses

  1. It’s all about what mood you’re in. Sometimes I throw on my brightest, must stylish outfit and it makes me feel great, while other days it will make me feel over-dressed and self-consciouis. I guess you’ve got to dress how you’re feeling! But personally, I love the look of your colourful outfit 🙂

    Life Etc

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