Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

Liking: Instagram and Pinterest. The artist in me loves the visual please you receive from little snaps and clicks and pins!

Loathing: Fallen off weight loss wagon, AGAIN. Clothes don’t fit, urgh. Must put down the corn chips (literally!) and grab a carrot!

Noticing: This body ain’t what it used to be. A ninety minute soiree on the soccer field leaves me creaking and wobbly like a soon to be nana.

Liking: Recent Shopping Sprees (Hello Jay Jays), Autumn accessories (Must read scarf tying tutorials) and all my fave fashion blogs – see side bar!

Loathing: Waiting for workmen who don’t come and don’t call. It’s almost like a flashback to bad dating circa 2005.

Noticing: New airlines and new deals and flight paths that are oh-so-cheap and barely do any advertising. Ha! They don’t need to at those prices, word of mouth is the best publicity they can get. Hello 2012/13 holidays. Air Asia, Tiger, Scoot airlines, I’m talking to you.


2 thoughts on “Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

    • No prob Corinne! Its great to find an Aussie blogger with daily fashion/outfit shots. I love the US crew, especially Kendi and Jessica @ whatIwore, but annoying when i can’t shop at J Crew or Forever 21 etc! Besides, my bestie and I often have K-Mart shopping marathons, so I can totally relate !

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