The Aftermath…

Ahh freedom…

The last 2 weeks I have been able to wear any shoes I want.  What a change from the Shoesapalooza challenge where I felt every day’s outfit was dictated by my shoe choice!

And of course I’ve reverted to some old habits. Like not really thinking and just grabbing the same 2 pairs of black flats. Naughty, I know, I can hear you now like a patronising parent ‘hasn’t this experience taught you anything!’

I obviously have too many pairs of heels for a girl who wants to wear flats everyday to work. I am on my feet most of the day so comfy shoes are essential. But heels are so much more fun to buy! I will need to change this way of thinking.  I have worn the red patent kitten heels twice this week, they are definitely going to become one of my favourite pairs of shoes, and are just the right kind of heel of me.

I’ve had some suggestions to do the same kind of challenge but with my many many handbags, or over 100 pairs of earrings, or my 30+ dresses and 30+ skirts.

Blogging fodder for the next 2 years maybe?!


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