Shoesapalooza Week 3

Saturday – More boots…   These are just a tad too big, perfect with stockings and socks. Matched with my favourite dress, from Living Doll in Melbourne. Too bad this outfit never made it out to dinner, dining in!

Sunday – Golden Heels    Can’t remember where these come from, but another pair of strappy heels, I have heaps like this! The favourite jeans are getting a work out because they are the only ones that fit they look so good, and another bargain top from Kmart – $10!

Monday -Black flats     I go through phases with these shoes, didn’t wear them for years, then went nuts wearing them as my favourite stockings match, and have gone off them this winter. Since winter is over this week, thought I’d squeeze them in!

Tuesday – Pointy Flats    Took me ages to buy pointy shoes, as someone with stumpy short toes, they appeared uncomfortable. If you find the right pair they don’t squash your toes, and these are fine. I find I can only wear them with long pants though, and not skinnies. Weird huh?

Wednesday -Dorothy Perkins Sparkle!    Ahh I miss Dorothy Perkins from my days of living in the UK. Along with H&M, River Island, Miss Selfridges, TopShop and New Look! These are so cute, but the slouchy sides mean they fall off a lot. I end up just becoming frustrated with them!

Thursday – White Kitten Heels    I have these in 2 colours, and as long as the back sling back doesn’t get too loose they will be fine! Very Spring like, perfect for the first day of Spring!

Friday – New Heels Again!      There were one of the pairs that spurred on ‘Shoesapalooza’, and I’m glad to finally wear them. Despite their neutral tones, I found it hard to create an outfit, but settled on a newish paisley top and a slinky pencil skirt for dinner in in the city 🙂


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