Shoesapalooza Week 2

Saturday – Everyday Boots   I’ve worn these heaps this winter, perfect as they have a flat heel. As The Artist and I were catching trains and ferries, they were perfect for a night out with lots of walking. It’s been hard not wearing these a lot, Shoesapalooza is now becoming a bit tricky, I have so many heels but want to wear flats everyday!

Sunday – Uncomfortable Blue Heels  Sure they have a small kitten heel, but they seem to pull a bit on the toe strap, and after a few hours they’ve rubbed a bit too much. So perfect for outings with limited walking and standing, such as today’s Sunday cafe breakfast.

Monday – White Kitten Heels       I cut the cross over straps off these long ago, they dug into the skin too much. They wear a cheap purchase at Balmain Markets, and my first pair of I Love Billy Shoes – big fan now!  They have so many colours across the band it’s easy to find matching items.

Tuesday – Neutral Ankle Boots    I keep putting these on and then taking them off, I don’t love them enough as my knee high boots, but they are all the rage and I saw a pic of Nicole Ritchie rocking a neutral pair and I was hooked. These stockings are so wild, so the rest of my outfit is toned down. I am realising that I am a bit too matchy with my colours. Need to revisit Jessica Quirk’s blog  (and fabulous book) and get some more mixing colour ideas!

Wednesday – Paisley Green Flats    These are a little uncomfortable as they pinch my heels, but are quite cute so I’ll take the pain! Trying to mix up my colours, after looking at other style blogs, realise I need more neutrals – tan, camel, beige, cream especially in shoes (no shopping!) and basics like singlets etc.

Thursday – Pink Patterned Flats    Today I am rocking two of my first overseas purchases, these flats I bought in London at Camden Markets in 2005, also bought on the same trip a baby pink sweater from Switzerland. Perfect with leggings and a denim mini!

Friday – Vietnam Boots Version 2   Another pair I had made in Hoi An. Great flat pair for work today and then through into dinner at night. Paired with my gorgeous etsy skirt – a birthday gift from a stylish ’50s chic’ Canadian friend!


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