Shoesapalooza Week 1

Saturday – Leopard Print Heels.  I bought these for about 30 dollars. I took off the hideous red bows across the toes, but I like the hint of red on the sole. Forgot that they are actually quite comfy – for heels that is! Discovered them last week while talking about leopard print…Wore them out to dinner, The Artist approves.

Sunday – Red  Kitten Heels. One of last weeks’ purchases. From Target – reduced to $20! Very 80s, and very comfy, received 2 comments about them, which of course spurred me to discuss shoesapalooza… and I discovered 2 other friends with over 30 pairs of shoes each! Will be wearing these more often – successful purchase!

Monday – Black Boots from Vietnam. I had these boots made in Hoi An, Vietnam in 2009. I love them but they are now showing the signs of aging. Also, they are not waterproof. But they were made to fit my calves – boot bliss! There will be a lot of black this week, I have to perform on stage for 3 days, in stage blacks.

Tuesday – Favourite Black flats. I wear these $20 flats at least 3 times a week through winter/spring. I’m already onto my second pair as the first fell apart. It is going to be hard not wearing them so often! My blouse is patterned, with a blue/green swirl and lace detail on the arms.

Wednesday – Comfy flower flats. These are so comfy, perfect for days like this, at work all day then concerting all night. I feel a bit Spanish in them and with the velcro strap they are perfect for dancing!

Thursday – London Sparkles. These were bought in 2007 for $20 pounds from Shelleys, London shoe shop bonanza. They are a bit tight across the top bands and the sides are gaping, needless to say I haven’t worn them in a while. My scarf is black with sparkly glitter stripes.  I’m already structuring my whole outfit around my shoes, and trying to not wear all my faves in the first week!

Friday – Charcoal Wedges. I recently bought these and am enjoying the height, although I have had a few wobbly break my ankle moments! They were great on Friday in the rain as I was miles above the puddles! My blouse is semi-see-through so I wore it with a black singlet. It’s a sort of paisley print, with yellows, oranges, blacks and reds.


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