Beaver v. The Wardrobe

After a combination of a collapsed shelf, two episodes of various next top models, and a trip to the shops where I purchased TWO pairs of new shoes, I decided to revamp and rearrange (read: clean) my shoe storage. In 2 wardrobes with 2 racks, one shelf, a basket of flip flops (thongs for the aussies, jandals for the kiwis) – I took a stock take of my shoes.

Here is what I found – An astonishing 42 pairs!  (That was after I put 4 pairs in the clothing bag for charity).  Not counting another 8 pairs of thongs, gumboots, 3 pairs of joggers, ugg boots and soccer boots!

I felt a range of emotions, I was proud, disgusted, confused, inspired, overwhelmed, guilty and then inspired!

After seeing other bloggers take part in the 30 for 30 challenge (where you wear 30 items of clothing for 30 days) I decided to give myself my own fashion challenge.

Introducing – Shoesapalooza!

The Aim: To wear a different pair of shoes every day for 30 days. I rationed that out of 42 ish pairs I could definitely find 30 I could wear every day.


1. Sneakers, thongs, ugg boots and soccer boots do not count.

2. Any pairs can be worn, but only once in the 30 days.

3. I can only re-wear a pair of shoes within the 30 days if on that particular day I wear 2 pairs of shoes (eg flats at work then heels at night).

4. Putting the shoes on and strutting around my apartment for 2 minutes then taking them off DOES NOT COUNT as a daily wear. No not even the sparkly red Dorothy heels.

5. No shoe buying of any sort for 30 days at least… The idea is to maximise what I already have not feel the need to buy more.

To keep myself honest, I’ll track this mission here.

Beaver v. Shoes begins tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Beaver v. The Wardrobe

  1. I think I may try this in mini-form and do ten days of outfits based on different pairs of shoes! Thanks for the inspiration.

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