Beaver v. Lasagne

What would you like for dinner?

Lasagne, he says.

Easy, I first thought. Just like mum makes, not too sloppy, not too dry, with a crispy top. I’ve made it before, evidently by the frozen lasagne sheets in my freezer. Though racking my brain I cannot for the life of me remember making it? Mystery pasta sheets indeed…

It was easy doing the mince mixture – a popular choice by The Artist for spaghetti. First attempt at bechamel sauce, how thick should it be?  what taste?

And of course the age old issue of trying to reduce a recipe for 8 down to 4, usually halving recipes for 4 to 2, but figured I’d have enough lasagne left over for a few more day’s lunches, or to feed a small African village, if they happened to come and stay.

Layered up and in the oven later, the next dilemma (common in my kitchen) is it cooked enough? Sticking skewers in is a favourite past time, but doesn’t actually help me!

Verdict – delish!  As good as my mums – and she is quite the cook. Apparently not as good as some other’s mums, everyone is mum-biased I think (except for those whose mum’s cook mash potato from powder. You know who you are.)

Oh, and I hadn’t made it before, the lasagne sheets were used to make cannelloni – lazy wrap it up style v. poke it in the dry shells style!


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