No time to write

When I typed that heading it went no time to wrote, writt , write. That last sentence took 8 goes.

I guess report writing is off tonight, fingers not keeping up with brain.

There are many entries of Beavercity sitting in the vaults that I’d like to rehash for wordpress, but they need editing and my eyeballs are popping out at the screen like some bad nineties cartoon.

So Apologising to myself for no writing. Apologies to my cat for leaving her stranded for all hours (man this is why I got a cat – just amuse yourself!) Apologies to the hordes of fans who come to this site solely to see a photograph of two oceans meeting (always my most popular page – go figure?) Apologies to my hips & butt & gut for filling you with chocolate. Apologies for falling asleep too much.

Hope to see you here (and myself) more in July. Holidays!


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