Ten Albums that Changed my Life

That title could be renamed ‘Ten Album that had some significant impact on me at the time’  but it wasn’t as catchy. So anyway, here is my top ten. Not to be confused with my top ten all favourite albums… Some are too embarrassing (nkotb) to name on a blog!

1. Compilation Album ‘Hit Pix 88’

This was on Cassette. Cassette! Did I even spell that right? It’s been years since I accidentally pulled out the filmy thingy and had to wind it back in with the end of a pencil.

Oh 88′, Year 4 and having a ball listening to ‘Ooh Baby do you know what’s that worth?’ and my favourite quirky song at the time ‘Stutter Rap’.

2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’

The year was 1991, I had started high school and needed some ‘out there’ songs to shock my parents and make people think I was cool. Luckily my friend had recorded from her friend this album (on cassette!) and I sneakily played it late at night so my father didn’t here the shocking lyrics such as ‘Suck my Kiss’ (He thought that was bad!)

3. Alanis Morissette ‘Jagged Little Pill’

Year Ten and I think every girl in my grade bought this CD and tried to identify with Alanis’s teenage angst rebellion sound. Worked for some, but not dorky me!

4. Robbie Williams ‘Sing When You’re Winning’

I fell in love with Robbie just as he released his first solo hits. My friends mocked me. I bought this album and declared him my future husband. They still mocked me. I announced that ‘Angels’ would be my wedding song. They laughed still. I went to his first Sydney concert and had Rock DJ on repeat. They laughed still, but then went a bit quiet. By the time his next album arrived, they came, shameful faces, knocking on my door apologising and claiming to have ‘found Robbie’. I let them in, but only if they agreed to be my bridesmaids.

5. The Whitlams ‘No Aphrodisiac’

It was 1998, I was at uni and trying on the grungy student vibe. I fell in love with Tim Freedman’s sultry voice. I went to local Sydney gigs and used the word ‘gig’. I trotted to the pubs looking for Diesel, Whitlams, Jon Stevens and Taxiride. I may or may not have been a ‘groupie’.

6. ‘Tails’ by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories

I heard the song ‘Stay’ in the movie Reality Bites and HAD to find it. It still remains my all time favourite song. It began a love affair (platonic of course) with Lisa Loeb and her delicious voice, cute glasses and later on her quirky TV show and kids songs. This mutual love of LL also helped to start and cement one of my most important friendships!

7. ‘Rent’ The Musical

I love love capital L love musicals. But Rent, well it stole my heart. The music was so modern, angsty but enlightening. Years later when in NY, I saw Rent again and even had dinner at the Life Cafe! I still know all the lyrics…

8. ‘Let Go’ by Avril Lavigne

Again, it started with a single song. My head went This will be mine and I found this CD by Avril someone? and my newest fave song ‘Complicated’. Turns out I can’t stand Avril in person, any of her skater chic come beauty queen annoying ditz, but still love that song. I remember buying it and putting the album on repeat for 2 hours. Just proves the theory that a voice can sell it, and sometimes NOT the person.

9. ‘Tapestry’ by Carol King

A uni assignment where people had to present a song that had importance to them, lead me to Carol King’s ‘So Far Away’ and a search to find as many songs and albums by her as possible. Tapestry is a stand out album, but I love everything she sings. I declared ‘So Far Away’ my funeral song – morbid my mum thinks. I saw her perform at 64 – what a woman. The same assignment ( I did ‘Rent’ of course) lead me to love Billy Joel’s ‘Scenes from an Italian Restaurant’ and then the whole ‘The Stranger’ album, The soundtrack for Rocky Horror Show and the ethereal voice of Eva Cassidy.

10. ‘Fever’ by Kylie Minogue

Oh Miss Minogue, I’ve been a loyal fan for so long. You’ve had many comebacks, like a chameleon lizard or a phoenix bursting from the flames. ‘Spinning Around’ sealed the deal for me, and ‘Aphrodite’ has quickly become one of my faves of yours. But this album, bam! Love all the tracks, absolute dance time favourite!

And now for some Honourable Albums mentions (Also known as numbers 11-15): Eva Cassidy’s ‘Song Bird‘ – so haunting, Taylor Swift’s debut album – another I MUST have this song! The rnb compliation ‘Soul’d Out’ – exploring my ‘yo sista’ days,  All the Wild FM albums – reliving my nightclub groove and Morcheeba’s ‘Big Calm’ – another find from my university days that is always on repeat!


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