Favourite Accessory this Week

I love this Swarovski crystal necklace so much. It’s a classic, you know, that piece of jewellery that always gets commented on, even 6 years after I bought it.

I bought it at the Swarovski headquarters and museum in Austria in 2005. So far it has broken 3 times, luckily I have never lost a crystal. Swarovski have repaired it each time. Once the idioticies at Swaro factory completely bungled it and made it a regular necklace without the Y pattern. The dingbat at the counter rang up and was told ‘Oh, they couldn’t fix it properly’. I LOST it completely and seethed with raged until I reduce said dingbat to tears and got the manager over, who of course saw the stupidity of the situation and immediately arranged to get it fixed back to its original form.

Sensing weaknesses after 3 broken links, I arranged to get the whole thing relinked (at my expense of course) so that I would never lose a crystal and it would all look the same.

Ahh, the things we do for jewelled love…


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