If you like Pina Coladas…

Such a good song. But have you actually listened to the lyrics? A couple are so bored with each other that the both post personal ads then end up dating each other, and laughing about it and falling back in love. Urgh, Leurch, Chuck. Sounds like a perfect plot for a Jennifer Aniston movie.

But still love the song. So why is this post all PC at the moment (that’s Pina Coladas folks)?

Well 3 sleeps and I am holiday bound for 32 days, San Francisco, Mexican Riviera Cruise, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Vegas, Vancouver, Gorgeous Wedding, Seattle, Los Angeles.  Plenty of PCs to be had!

So excuse the tardiness of the next 4 weeks of postless fun here at beavercity. Stay tuned for Beaver abroad come November!

Loving: $15 jeans, snorkelling ahead, shiny new camera, fake tan, two weddings

Loathing: Fighting with Miss S to get her into the catbox, shaving razor injury, bills bills bills (and no spending money then!), numb chin…still!


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