The True Cost of Clothing

Hands up who likes shopping! Me! Now keep those hands up if you’ve made a fantastic expensive purchase that you loved at first site, but have never worn. Like NEVER. This item may or may not have the tag still attached. I have a few. Ok Several. But some were so uber cheap that not wearing them makes them even more valuable. Others hang in my closet, taunting me ‘Why won’t you wear me! I cost you hundreds of dollars!’ The cost of clothing can be more than just what appears on the price tag.

So I prefer to work on another version of clothing value, where the true cost of an item can be nutted out in a simple equation:

Price of Item divided by Number of Wears = True Clothing Cost.

Brilliant!  The more you wear, the cheaper it is!

My metallic pointy shoes as seen below (that always get a compliment) cost me a dollar. Yes, ONE DOLLAR.  Probably worn about 15 times, so the real cost is about less than 10 cents! When you get down to a dollar or under, the item becomes truly owned and you can stop dividing. So a skirt that cost me $180 that I have worn twice still costs $90, which for me is still too much. Once I’ve worn it ten times I’ll feel much better about parting with $180!

Now that gorgeous dress below, that I bought for $260 from a boutique in The Strand Arcade, Sydney has never been worn. It’s so cute but when I put it on I feel like a hippopotamus. Sometimes a hippopotamus on the roof eating cake (Gee I loved that book). So that dress still cost me $260!  I hang on to it as I think it will look much better after my my 20 kilo loss (18 to go!).

And finally my rainbow moonstone earrings that I paid 18 pounds for from Whitby, UK have been worn so many times that in any currency, they’ve paid for themselves!


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