Liking, Loathing, Noticing…

Liking 1: Sleeping in till 11 then having omelettes for brunch. Like 3 days in a row.

Loathing 1: Broke. Skint. Flat for cash. Bring on payday. Cannot leave the house.

Noticing 1: Staying home saving money leads to more browsing of online shops and nasty credit card purchases. Mmmm lotto win imminent? No?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Liking 2: Miss S has progressed to 10 second hug holding. No scratches yet. Daily therapy sessions going well.

Loathing 2: Waiting in doctors for hours. When you have made an appointment. While your parking runs out. grrr.

Noticing 2: If I commit to reading all these fashion, beauty, celeb and cooking blogs I don’t have to buy magazines and will save money. That’s the theory anyway!


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