The No No’s of Internet Dating Photos

Dear Men of the world,

Here is a list of photos that women do not appreciate seeing as your profile picture on internet dating sites. Follow these simple steps to modify your photos, ASAP, then meet the women of your dreams and get married. Easy.

1. A photo of you with your ex’s face scratched out.

2. A photo of you with Elle McPherson. Or any hot female celeb for that matter.

3. You wearing dress up clothes. No excuses, no dress ups. It may be an innocent 30th birthday party, but all we think is ‘man with weird alien fetish’.

4. Yes I know you look all sporty and datey while you are jumping out of a plane/ scuba diving / skiing / riding motorbikes. But we want to see what you look like!  Which is kind of hard when you have goggles, masks and helmets on. You have plenty of time on dates to impress us with heroic tales of your adventure sports.

5. A photo taken with your webcam. In your bedroom. Or with your arm stretched out. All it signals to us is that you are a loser with no friends and therefore no photos.

6. No photos older than 2 years old. I got one dated 2002! (Fool, those sneaky cameras with the sneaky date stamp) I want to date you NOW, not you two years ago.

7. No photo with you and 6 mates. Especially if there is no caption outlining which one is you. Even if you do give us directions, we will still fantasize about your hot friends.

8. We secretly love it, but can never admit to it. No photos with kittens or babies. Even if you are the worlds biggest S.N.A.G.  Yes we love a man with a soft side, but there’s something not quite right about you parading it in front of our faces.

9. Even if you are Taylor Lautner, you will look like a dick if you are shirtless in your profile pic. And lets not even talk about being pantless.Sadly, I have seen these profile pics.

10. Trying to impress us by having a photo in your Ferrari, Lamborghini, sports car? Here’s a tip- win the girl, don’t mention the car, then Wowsa! her when you pick her up in it on the third date.

DISCLAIMER: There are probably women out there who love these sorts of pictures. So therefore, feel free to ignore everything I just said.


2 thoughts on “The No No’s of Internet Dating Photos

  1. Heheh great post!!

    I did a lot of internet dating. It was a failure.

    I had one guy tell me that he was looking for a partner for him and his sister in law!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – hope to see you stop by again soon.

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