I Heart Vegetables

Or so I keep telling myself. Fat Club says I’m to have 5 serves a day. Apparently green food in general is not a vegetable (bye bye green frogs, lime cordial, spearmint leaves and mint Aero bars).

So when I have eaten my way through the day and ran out of food points,  I have to reside to cooking with the least amount of fat club points possible. Veges = Free. Big Mac = Don’t do it.

So I am gradually getting creative with my servings (or meals) of carrot, potato, beans, corn, capsicum, eggplant, ice cream, zucchini …

Here’s tonight’s meal – vege bakey thingy with a little breadcrumbs, cottage cheese, skim milk and cheddar!

Have fallen off the wagon… and the old-fashioned wagon wheels have been hijacked by skinny models. Send help!

Mmmmm wagon wheels….


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