Liking, Loathing, Noticing

Loathing 1: Put on weight this week, at weekly weigh in. Crap. Need to be more strict! 19 to go.

Liking 1: Woo hoo, end of financial year sales! Engagement present for less than $30 (should be $50) and awesomeness knitted tunic, will look fab with leggings (but not so fab with weight gain)

Noticing 1: Is there any reason why a fancy Italian restaurant needs a TV with the sport showing… IN THE LADIES TOILET???!!

Loathing 2: The neighbours upstairs letting their prepubescent teenage boy repeatedly drop marbles on the timber floor. For 2 hours. Well that’s what it sounded like anyway.

Liking 2: Smashing meal tonight, thanks to Good taste magazine. Lamb cutlets mmmm.

Noticing 2: Chatted to a nice (single!) male at the engagement party last night, I thought it was quite a quirky, funny, flirty conversation. Alas he cinderella-ed on me and left before midnight without saying goodbye, or more importantly asking for my number. Ok, this has changed from a Pro to a Peeve.

Liking 3: This rosehip oil really dose seem to be having a nice effect on my skin. And I’m still loving Pantene’s 3 minute miracle. Ahhh soft hair.

Loathing  3: Need a haircut and cannot see a foreseeable free day for a fortnight. Bummer.

Noticing  3: At same engagement party another (single?) lad came up, fondled my hair and said ‘you must wash your hair a lot’. I (laughing uncomfortably) said ‘not really!’ whilst walking on by…. he tugged again and said ‘Yeah I think so!’    Interesting pick up technique. Pantene, I owe it all to you. Interestingly this is not the first time I had a boy use a hair related pick up line, once I got told that my ‘hair smells so good, it smells like a shampoo ad!’   I awkwardly told the drunken male that ads don’t actually smell. Pashed him anyway though.

Noticing  4: Interesting that I have 3 hair related posts there.


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