Kooking in the Citchen

I love recipe books. And magazines. Since recently getting my very own kitchen in my very own apartment, I now have an unhealthy number, that, like my weight, is growing.

I want to cook all those fabulous meals, I really do. But I get lazy. And tired. And eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. Or ice cream. Or cheese. (Yes sometimes, a bowl of cheese).

But I am on a mission to break the cycle and utilise all those glossy colourful cook books.


Choose one book/magazine on Sunday. Choose 3-4 recipes out of it and cook all of them for the week. Take chosen magazine to the shops on Sunday to ensure all ingredients are readily ready when you’re ready to cook. Keep the cookbook in the kitchen on the table to remind you each day what you are cooking. Optional Step: Use quirky note tabs (kikki k, smiggle) to mark recipes.

Ok let’s go! Tonight’s recipe meal… um… corn thins with avocado. Ok maybe I’ll start next week!


One thought on “Kooking in the Citchen

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