Licence to date?

Today I saw a number plate with the word SEX (insert childish giggle here). In my state 999 people have SEX on their number plate, and possibly another 99, not to mention the heroes who pay a lot of money for plates like 22SEXY,  IAMSEX etc.

Casting the word plays aside, I wondered how many of the other 1098 SEX plate owners asked for it, and how many were lucky (or unlucky) enough to just obtain it when they bought a car?

Reminds me of finding someone to date. I have friends who are seeking out a partner, deliberately looking, asking around, using a plethora of dating services. Then there are the others who without any conscious effort have a good man literally land in their lap (NB: If you are a man and a good women lands in your lap, she’s a lap dancer. Time to leave the strip club.)

So do my friends who are repeatedly finding nothing of any value, being told that ‘that licence plate is taken’, have to just wait it out and hope that one of those desired manplates turns up in their life by fate? Maybe. It doesn’t look good then. Most people love to hang onto such a good find.

Could be worse I guess. You could end up driving STI 4U2…


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